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The 8th Edition of "So You Want to be a Financial Planner" Now Available!

So You Want to Be a Financial Planner  (8th Edition)

by Nancy Langdon Jones

A comprehensive step-by-step process to launching a career as a financial planner. Here is everything you need to know -- from getting the right credentials to getting the right clients.

So You Want to Be a Financial Planner


by Claude Earl Jones

Now folks, this thing here is called a taleswapper. I don’t know if you know what a taleswapper is. Well, what he is, is...he’s a liar, is what he is! A teller of tales. Some tall. Some short. Some factual. Some just true — in the sense that ‘facts are the enemy of truth.’

Hello Devil Cover   


by Claude Earl Jones

What was Charlie doing here in this little known spot spot in the middle of nowhere earning an obscene amount of money? What was this place so familair to him?

Follow the brilliant actor/director as he guides cast and crew through three amazing summer theater productions while being tortured with dark, unresolved revelations from his past.


I'd Drink It!  

     Hello Devil.  Welcome to Hell. 
        by Claude Earl Jones

a guide to the philosophy, art, craft(i-ness) and downright deviousness of being a director...and an actor: A manual for young directors and actors.


by Claude Earl Jones

Claude Earl Jones is brutally honest in this semiautobiographical portrayal of one man’s journey out of the dust bowl. He pulls no punches describing his sometimes gut-wrenching, often humorous experiences growing up the son of migrant field workers.

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